Testimonies and Prayer needs…

Prayer Needs from Jac and Flo Goy…

We pray for the Yemeni church to use the mighty weapons the Lord has given us, to demolish strongholds of the enemy, and demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the Knowledge of God, taking captive every thought to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians  10:4)

Prayers Request from the believers:

Pray that as a community of believers to love one another and to live in peace, even in the midst of war, and difficult situation, being obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and not to listen to the voice of the enemy.

May the Joy of the Lord be our strength, and living by faith and not according of what we see, or according to our circumstances, but in all rejoice in the Lord, because his love is everlasting, and nothing can separate us from His love.


Pray that we continue to be bold and fearless as we make known Christ to others.

We pray for God’s grace to be sufficient, and his power to be perfected in us.

Pray that we love God more than self, as we share the love of Christ with others.

Help us to pray for those who persecute us, and want to harm us as believers.

Pray, as community of believers to trust the Lord blindly and believe in his word in our walk of faith.

We pray for us to believe in healings, miracles, signs and wonders in our daily lives, among our families, friends, and enemies.

We pray for the different believers meetings, men, women, children, and teenagers. For the Power of the Holy Spirit to be in our midst, speaking to our hearts, teaching us, and growing in our faith.

To fill our lives with his word of God and that we will be doers of the word and not only hearers.

Pray, as parents, to continue training our children in the ways of the Lord.

We pray that as Parents to seek the Lord, in his wisdom as we are raising our children through the insecurity of the war, but that God is our strength, and our provider, to trust him, and follow him by example.

For faith, and trust to grow in our hearts as we walk closer to Jesus, and we train our children as an example of God’s love and power.

That fear does not have place in our lives, but instead Spirit of Love, power and a sound mind.

We pray for the leaders, for everything they do for us. We ask the Lord to protect them, and give them supernatural love and peace, as they lead their families, and the church in Yemen.


Pray for Cholera to stop, and stop spreading in our communities.

Pray for healing for everyone who is sick in our community.

Pray for medical relief to arrive and reach the different hospitals and areas where the need is.

Pray for the food, water, and items relief to cross without interruptions at the checkpoints, and the starvation situation improves, so everyone has food to eat.

Pray as we deliver the food and water, and other items, for the Lord to guide us, to those people who he is working in their hearts, and for the people to be open to hear about Jesus.

Pray for those who are raising awareness, funds, and resources to continue helping our communities, so we will be able to help others, and continue spreading the gospel.

Protect them, strengthen them and give them the strategic meetings with those that you Lord have already called to help our country.

We continue praying for the opened schools, for the teachers, and students in our communities, where the Light of Christ is shining and many come to Jesus.

We pray for the Media team:

For those who write the programs, the bible stories, discipleship trainings, to be inspired by the Holy Spirit and hear his voice as they write.

We pray for those who hear the programs, read the lesson, are touched by the Holy Spirit, and inquire more through the different media fb, blogs, and webpage.

We pray for those who do the follow up, to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit, as they communicate with those who are seeking for truth, and speak live into their hearts.

Pray for Jamila’s son, 10 years old, because he is emotional tired and in a state of depression and his behavior changes constantly.  He seems sad, lonely and aggressive with the people around him.



Prayer June Y

انا محتاج صلاه كثيره

لأبني لانه تعبان نفسيا وفي حالة اكتئاب وسلوكه متغير والعلاج مابيساعد

عمره عشر سنين ودايما حزين ومتوحد وعدواني مع الناس



طلابات الصلاة

1- نصلي من اجل اختنا انها تبدء حياة جديدة مع الرب و يسهل لها كل متطلبات حياتها

2- كمان نصلي من اجل اخونا لانه تعبان و نطلب من الرب يشفيه وكمان اختنا الي عندها اختبارات نصلي ونطلب لها التوفيق

3- وكمان نصلي من اجل وحدة من اخواتنا علشان تحصل فرصة عمل

4- ونصلي كمان من اجل وحدة من اخواتنا انه الرب يعطيها الحكمة و كمان ياخذ بيدها بتربية عيالها و كمان انة الرب ينور طريق زوجها و يعلمه الطريق الي يشتي يستخدمه فيه

5- نصلي علشان اختنا انه ربي يعطيها قوة و صبر و حكمة و يعلمها الطريق الي الرب يشتيه يستخدمها فية و يعرفها في موهبتها الروحية الي تناسبها و الي تقدر من خلالها تخدم الرب

6- كذالك نصلي لاخونا انه ارب يسهل له سفرة و يسهل له الهدف الي يشتيه

7- نصلي للرب انه يعمل خطه علشان  ارتباط مومن و مومنة باسمه و بمحبته و مجده

8- نصلي علشان بقية المؤمنات ان الرب يكون معهن و يخليهن دائما على صله روحية تحت اشراف الرب عليها و انه يحرسهن و يكون معهن في كل وقت

9- نصلي كمان للقادة من اجل كل شي يعملوه من اجلنا نطلب من الرب يسهل لهم الطرق و يحميهم و يملاهم حب و سلام


Other Community Prayers from the Diaspora

1.    We pray for our new sister in the Lord Muna, who is starting a new life in Christ.


Pray also, that all her spiritual and physical needs will be met in her life, as she learns about living by faith.


Pray for the Holy Spirit to be her companion, as she is away from her family, and country. Encourage her Lord.


We pray for Omar, his brother to be healed in the Name of Jesus.


We pray for unity among the community of sisters in the Lord, for the Lord to give wisdom, to learn from the Lord the wisdom on how to raise their children.

To enlighten their eyes of their understanding teaching the children the ways of the Lord.


We pray for Rania, one of our sisters so that she may obtain the job she has applied.


Also for her husband’s eyes to be enlighten by the Holy Spirit, and the blindness to be removed from his eyes. To see the ways of the Lord Jesus and follow him.


Pray for Mohamed Y, as he is traveling back to Yemen, for the Lord to help him in his journey, and meet his needs, and all the plans he has for this trip with his family, for the engagement plan with Dina. For the dowry and everything concerning the future wedding.


We pray for Dina’s parents to be in agreement with the engagement, and both can serve God, as a Christian family.


We pray for both Mohamed Y and Dina, to grow in their faith, to mature in the Lord.


We pray for them as they will go through a pre-marital counseling, and in time, they will be able to be an example and counsel others.

We pray for supernatural protection for their lives, and for any plans of the enemy to be destroyed in the Name of Jesus.



We pray for the persecution that Amir is encountering.

Pray for the Lord to protect him and give him wisdom in dealing with those who threaten to kill him.

Pray for the Lord to touch the hearts of the persecutors, and removed hatred from their hearts, to see the light of Jesus, and to turn from hatred to love and passion for Jesus.


Pray for Amir’s brother, as he has lost everything during a period of persecution.


Pray that he will be able to find a job, and recuperate all he has lost.


Pray that together with other believers their focus always be the Lord and working together in unity, towards the evangelism and discipleship of those who come to Jesus.


Pray for the believers to stand together in times of fears and anxieties, as their lives are threaten.


Pray for Mansur’s brother, who is in the hospital having special treatment, for healing.


Pray for the doctors to be able to have the right medicine.

Pray for God to touch his heart, and not only heal his body, but also touch his heart to give his life to Jesus.


We pray for the men and women believers, who are already 25 to 35 years old, and still are single. For the Lord to choose a good and Godly companion for them, to start families together, to have children, and strengthen and grow the church in Yemen, and wherever the CAP is.


We pray for all the workers that are serving the CAP in different places, both in Yemen, Djibouti, and Diaspora.

We pray for God to strengthen them, and give them grace, as they are far away from their families in their countries.


We pray for God to encourage them, as their serve the church, even in difficult situations.

We pray the Lord compensate them with their needs, spiritual and physical.

Lord bless their lives and families.

Protect them from diseases, and keep them strong and healthy.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to give them the Kingdom in joy, peace and good fruit.


Pray the Holy Spirit to show them the gratitude from the Yemeni brothers and sisters, and our appreciation of their hard work.



1_صلاه من اجل الاضطهادالذي يواجه اخوناء عماد علاشان الرب يحميه ويعطيه حكمه في التعامل مع الذين يهددونه بي القتل ان الرب يلمس قلوبهم وينور طريقهم ويزيل الخبث والكراهيه والحسدمن قلوبهم

2_صلاه من اجل اخوناء عماد ان الرب يعوضه بكل ماخسره من اشياء ماديه في مصدر رزقه اثناء فتره الاضطهاد ويباركه ويبارك تجارته ويبارك خدمته معا الرب تجاه المؤمنين الجدد الذيناءيعاملهم بكل محبه والوقوف معاهم اثناء المخاوف والقلق التي تواجهم وبرغم انه يواجه اكبر التهديدات بي القتل والتصفيه جسديآ.

له كل الحب والتقديروالاحترام منناء كوننا عابرين جدد لوقوفه وتشجيعه لناء الذي كن نحس به تجاه معاملته لناء انه هو الاخ والصديق الذي لم تلده امي

3_صلاه من اجل الاخ حصلت له صدمه مما سبب له حاله نفسيه في فقد وعيه (مجنون)وهوا شاب لا يتجاوز عمره 20 سنه حيث انه الان في مستشفى خاصه من اجل تلقي العلاج والاهتمام به ، صلاه من اجله ان الارب يلمسه لمسه شفاء ويعيده الى اهله بكامل صحته ووعيه بسم يسوع المسيح      امين

4_صلاه من اجل اخوتناءالشباب الذين يبلغ اعمارهم مافوق ال 35 سنه وهم بحاجه لزوجه كي تكون شركه حياتهم حيث انهم قدحاولو اكثرمن مره ولم يتوفقو ان يختارو شركه لحياتهم ، نصلي من اجلهم  ان الرب يختار لهم زوجه صالحه ويبارك سلتهم ومعجنتهم ويبارك حياتهم ويعطيهم ذريه مباركه  ويملاء قلوبهم فرح وسعاده وحب ابدي  بسم يسوع المسيح      امين

5_صلاه من اجل الخدمه في جبوتي ان الرب يباركها ويبارك الخدام الذين يخدمون فيهاء ويبارك كمان الخدام الاجانب الذين دئمآ بعيدين عن ابنائهم واسرهم ومكرسين حياتهم في خدمه الرب وبرغم ان البلد التي يخدمون فيهاء شديده الحراره وكثيره الوباء وصعوبه العيش فيهاء واضافتآ لهذاء غلا المعيشه فيها وضعف الخدمات صلاه من اجلهم ان الرب يعوضهم عن كل وقت وجهد بذلوه في خدمه الرب ويبارك حياتهم ويبارك اسرهم ويسدد احتياجتهم ويعطيهم الصحه وهبهم قوه الروح القدس ويجعل اسرهم يتمتعون بمملكه الحب والفرح والسعاده والثمار الجيد التي لا يتمتع بها الى رعاه الرب يسوع المسيح الذين هم قدوة لناء في الارشادات الروحيه في كل الجوانب المعنويه والروحيه والمادي  ….الخ.لهم كل الحب والتقدير والافتخار بهم بسم يسوع المسيح             امين



هذي طلبات صلاه مندوبين الكنيسه اليمنيه في دجبوتي

( ولكم كل الشكر والتقدير )


My sister is praying for my new faithful brothers and for the sake of the situation in Yemen

And return displaced persons and displaced persons to their country

And satisfying everyone who asked for help in living

And our prayers for the sake of the sick that God heal them

And for the foreign leaders who are in our service and help us as a Lord away from them all evil and gives them peace and safety and health and to bless their children and their families and their money

In addition, for all the leaders of the Yemenites that God gives them wisdom and peace.








صلي من اجل أخواني المؤمنين الجدد وكمان من اجل الاوضاع في اليمن

واعادة النازحين والمشردين الى بلدهم

واشباع كل من كان يطلب المساعدة في المعيشة

وكمان صلاتنا من اجل المرضي بانه ربي يشفيهم

ومن اجل القاده الاجانب الذي هم في خدمتنا ومساعدتنحنا بانه ربي يبعد عنهم كل شر ويعطيهم السلام والامان والصحة  ويبرك في اولادهم واسرتهم ومالهم

ومن اجل جميع القاده اليمنيين بانه ربي يعطيهم الحكمة والسلام



Pray for my mother, as she remembers when her son died and she is very sad.

Pray for my older brother who looks lonely after his brother died and pray for his future.


Pray for my father, he is sad because of his son’s death, and we really miss his smile, which have not seen for a long time. The situation is very bad in Taiz , so please

Pray for my brothers and sisters they traveled to Taiz with my mom.


Pray for Amira’s grand- mother, who has diabetes. May the Lord heal her.


Pray for Amira to have enough courage and strength to support her family. .



May the One who split the sea for Moses and led him out, bring Yemen and her people out of hardship and into joy.


So many things would steal our joy.


May we have supernatural joy. May our joy be complete in Him.



Pray for physical protection and deliverance from the evil one.

We pray for the war in Yemen to end.

We pray for those people of influence to work towards the peace in Yemen.





Prayer, bikers, drunks and redemption

By: Brandon Machacek
There are days in your life that you never forget when heaven meets earth in a special way.

Every Thursday night, the men were invited to my house for small group. This particular week, no one showed up except for my good trusty friend Wes. At first I was discouraged, but now I know that God had a plan. I began by having us pray and we waited on the Lord. I felt we should go to the Biker gang hangout on Gaut St. and pray for someone there. That seemed so crazy that I prayed some more thinking it was some crazy thought that meant nothing. But the thought would not leave me. So I told Wes what I felt.  I heard laughing and he agreed we should go so we went.
We prayed and walked the street. There was a biker gang building on the street belonging to the ”The Limited Few”. It had locked doors,security cameras, and threatening signs. One sign said that trespassers will be shot dead. There were holes in the front and a red door for a shot gun to fit through. We did not feel at peace about entering and felt that we needed a prayer covering before we ventured there. So, we stopped by Jane’s house who is an intercessor in our church and she prayed with us.
Then we went back to the bar and knocked on the locked door. No one came. We knocked harder. Still no one came. We knocked a third time and no one came again. I felt like God was telling me to not give up. I saw another set of doors further down the building. We knocked on them. While we were banging on those doors, the other red doors opened and a tattooed, shirtless man with a gun stuffed in the back of his pants stood at the door. His name was Grizzly. I explained to him that God sent us and that he wanted to heal anyone in the bar’s back that was hurting. “Who sent you?” he asked. “God,” I said. He shook his head and went back inside. Wes and I didn’t know what to do so we went across the street and sat on the curb. We prayed for direction. I was feeling like we should knock again, but wanted confirmation from Wes. He then confirmed that he was feeling the same thing. So, we walked back across the street and knocked again. This time, a bigger man came to the door and he was not happy. I repeated myself that we were sent by God to heal backs. I asked him if we could come in and pray. He said no. I asked if we could pray over him and again he said no. He said, “I don’t come to your house and bother you, so you don’t come to mine.” In our conversation, there were long moments of silence when I would stare deep into his eyes. I could feel God’s love for him and I felt God speaking “violent love” to me. Then I asked him his name. “Bone,”he said. I told him that God has another name for him. God doesn’t want him to be called “Bone,” a symbol of death, but “Peter,” a rock. I told him that God loved him so much that he sent a guy like me to tell him how much he loved him. I again asked him if I could pray over him. He said no. I continued to stare intently in his eyes. Then I felt as though I should be humble. So I crouched down on the ground and began to pray. As I did, Bone took his foot and pushed me backward into the gravel and turned to go inside. As he did, I reached my hand forth and prayed blessings over him.

After Bone went inside we walked across the street and on our way we saw a shirtless, muscular, tattooed guy on the sidewalk who was mad and drunk. Wes, my friend, felt we should stop and speak with the guy. So he approached him and asked if we could talk and pray with him. The man angrily and crazily shouted “WHYYYY??” but then he softened as we talked and prayed for him. He began to break down and cry and rededicated his life to God. As we had been praying a group of cop cars had come to take control over the disturbance and the drunk man, but God intervened. After the man was changed by the power of God he called his mother and repented to her for the life he had been living. Then his mother asked to speak with us and thanked us for ministering to her son. We also got to meet his friends in the house and they were touched.

Exactly one week later to the day, the newspaper reported police busted the bar for methamphetamine, a meth lab, 23 firearms including pistols, rifles and shotguns and $11,899 cash were seized from the hangout. Bradley County Rescue Service was called to the scene to break through a heavily reinforced door. Once inside, heavily armed officers located the suspected meth lab and other articles of interest. Also I was speaking to the security guard at North Cleveland Church of God soon after and he informed me that two guys, one with the name Bone, were at church visiting. Their spirits were so disturbed he said that they paced back and forth in the back like caged animals until they stormed out.

I was truly amazed at the love and power of God that day. He longs for simple yet weak people to pray and act upon his leading and He does wonders. Move beyond comfort and fear so that the world can see Jesus.