Prayer, Bikers, Drunks and Redemption, by Brandon Machacek

There are days in your life that you never forget when heaven meets earth in a special way.

Every Thursday night, the men were invited to my house for small group. This particular week, no one showed up except for my good trusty friend Wes. At first I was discouraged, but now I know that God had a plan. I began by having us pray and we waited on the Lord. I felt we should go to the Biker gang hangout on Gaut St. and pray for someone there. That seemed so crazy that I prayed some more thinking it was some crazy thought that meant nothing. But the thought would not leave me. So I told Wes what I felt.  I heard laughing and he agreed we should go so we went.
We prayed and walked the street. There was a biker gang building on the street belonging to the ”The Limited Few”. It had locked doors,security cameras, and threatening signs. One sign said that trespassers will be shot dead. There were holes in the front and a red door for a shot gun to fit through. We did not feel at peace about entering and felt that we needed a prayer covering before we ventured there. So, we stopped by Jane’s house who is an intercessor in our church and she prayed with us.
Then we went back to the bar and knocked on the locked door. No one came. We knocked harder. Still no one came. We knocked a third time and no one came again. I felt like God was telling me to not give up. I saw another set of doors further down the building. We knocked on them. While we were banging on those doors, the other red doors opened and a tattooed, shirtless man with a gun stuffed in the back of his pants stood at the door. His name was Grizzly. I explained to him that God sent us and that he wanted to heal anyone in the bar’s back that was hurting. “Who sent you?” he asked. “God,” I said. He shook his head and went back inside. Wes and I didn’t know what to do so we went across the street and sat on the curb. We prayed for direction. I was feeling like we should knock again, but wanted confirmation from Wes. He then confirmed that he was feeling the same thing. So, we walked back across the street and knocked again. This time, a bigger man came to the door and he was not happy. I repeated myself that we were sent by God to heal backs. I asked him if we could come in and pray. He said no. I asked if we could pray over him and again he said no. He said, “I don’t come to your house and bother you, so you don’t come to mine.” In our conversation, there were long moments of silence when I would stare deep into his eyes. I could feel God’s love for him and I felt God speaking “violent love” to me. Then I asked him his name. “Bone,”he said. I told him that God has another name for him. God doesn’t want him to be called “Bone,” a symbol of death, but “Peter,” a rock. I told him that God loved him so much that he sent a guy like me to tell him how much he loved him. I again asked him if I could pray over him. He said no. I continued to stare intently in his eyes. Then I felt as though I should be humble. So I crouched down on the ground and began to pray. As I did, Bone took his foot and pushed me backward into the gravel and turned to go inside. As he did, I reached my hand forth and prayed blessings over him.

After Bone went inside we walked across the street and on our way we saw a shirtless, muscular, tattooed guy on the sidewalk who was mad and drunk. Wes, my friend, felt we should stop and speak with the guy. So he approached him and asked if we could talk and pray with him. The man angrily and crazily shouted “WHYYYY??” but then he softened as we talked and prayed for him. He began to break down and cry and rededicated his life to God. As we had been praying a group of cop cars had come to take control over the disturbance and the drunk man, but God intervened. After the man was changed by the power of God he called his mother and repented to her for the life he had been living. Then his mother asked to speak with us and thanked us for ministering to her son. We also got to meet his friends in the house and they were touched.

Exactly one week later to the day, the newspaper reported police busted the bar for methamphetamine, a meth lab, 23 firearms including pistols, rifles and shotguns and $11,899 cash were seized from the hangout. Bradley County Rescue Service was called to the scene to break through a heavily reinforced door. Once inside, heavily armed officers located the suspected meth lab and other articles of interest. Also I was speaking to the security guard at North Cleveland Church of God soon after and he informed me that two guys, one with the name Bone, were at church visiting. Their spirits were so disturbed he said that they paced back and forth in the back like caged animals until they stormed out.

I was truly amazed at the love and power of God that day. He longs for simple yet weak people to pray and act upon his leading and He does wonders. Move beyond comfort and fear so that the world can see Jesus.