Cleveland Net is a group of community leaders, including pastors, Government officials, business persons and professionals in Cleveland and surrounding areas. Cleveland Net exists to provide vision, strategy and spiritual oversight for all transformation related, events and projects.

As a result of the power of agreement in united prayer and worship, we believe Cleveland Net is ideal place for networking within the church of the Cleveland/Bradley County area. The following functions may be a part of this networking aspect of city transformation:

Worship and Intercession – Cleveland Net is a place where prayer teams and individuals pray on-site for churches and the marketplace, including business, education and government.  We pray for pastors and marketplace leaders, specific community needs, churches.  We sponsor city-wide transformational prayer events such as Global Day of Prayer. Through Cleveland Net, teams of leaders and intercessors go out in Christ’s name to pray and worship in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to the city and to the nations.

Networking/Mobilizing – Linking and connecting pastors, marketplace leaders, businesses, government offices, educational organizations, churches, and other ministries is another function of the networking side of the Cleveland Net. Cleveland Net serves as an on-site information repository to assist believers in locating churches, ministries, worship leaders, and people of prayer in an effort to work more effectively together.

Unity – Those who are committed to the development of this ministry are determined to seek the unity of the Spirit within the Body of Christ and to heal and remove all the divisions within the fragmented church. There is no room for any competition when we are enlisted together to win the world for Christ. We must stop fighting one another and focus on being subject to our Commander-in-Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Community – Cleveland Net is a place where true Christian community can be fostered among community leaders, pastors, people of prayer and worship leaders. Already God has connected area pastors and leaders through numerous prayer cells scattered geographically. Now, He seems now to be connecting intercessors and worship leaders in our city/region.

Communication – Cleveland Net will work in cooperation with other area ministries to provide a clearinghouse of information regarding prayer needs, ministry events, interdenominational gatherings, etc.  We anticipate the publication of a regular newsletter as well as communication/connection with other city transformation ministries, prayer ministries, and other similar organizations.

Equipping – We hope to aid in training and mobilizing the people of God to fulfill His purposes for their lives. As the ministry develops, there will be ongoing prayer and worship workshops, retreats, and other tools to meet this need. Cleveland Net seeks to nurture a process of discipling one another in what the Lord is teaching all of the churches and ministries in our region regarding intercession, worship and city transformation.

Organizing – The networking function of the Cleveland Net seeks to provide a place where different ministries can work together on common projects and programs. This will result in a centralized location and pool of volunteers to assist with the many different transformational prayer and worship projects that will be occurring on an ongoing basis with the Cleveland area.